How to Plate the Perfect Spaghetti Serving Size

Making these spaghetti nests is easier than it looks. Executive Chef Lorenzo Boni demonstrates how to stage the perfect presentation of just the right portion of pasta.

From pan to plate, practice makes perfect when plating spaghetti, even when it's cooked in a simple pasta sauce. Garnish with basil, cheese, and a little bit of olive oil, and you've got a professional looking dinner plate ready to serve.

Looking for more twirling tips? Just keep twirling with Barilla. If you're still cooking your pasta, check out Chef Boni's pasta stirring technique for some pointers.

If you're even earlier on your Passion for Pasta journey and need a recipe before you start thinking about portioning and presenting it, check out Barilla's repository of pasta recipes. You're sure to find one that will make a great dinner idea for you!
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